Science Writing

Snippets from the Cambridge Science Festival

With its rich history of research and innovation, Cambridge has always celebrated its love for science – and this is nowhere more apparent than at the Cambridge Science Festival, which has been running since 1994.

New laser material could make solar energy harvesting more efficient

This material requires the lowest reported amounts of energy to start working as a laser.

When the eyes see more than there is

Hallucinations are among the possible side effects caused by medications for Parkinson’s disease.

The Stealth Superbug Decoded

A team of scientists in Bengaluru is behind the genome sequencing of Candida auris, a fungus that has caused disease outbreaks in five continents in 2016.

New species of Pika discovered

Scientists claim to have discovered a new species of Pika, a mammal belonging to the rabbit and hare family, in the Himalayas in Sikkim.