‘Failure is real, and it’s much funnier than success’

Interview with Grant Snider, creator of the popular weekly web-comic Incidental Comics which explores puzzles of life, art, philosophy and parenting, through the eyes of an unnamed narrator. The following is part of an interview done for Reading Hour.

A blessing to visually impaired students

Read the inspiring story of Pallavi Acharya, a homemaker in Bengaluru who helps a thousand visually impaired students in Karnataka write their university examinations. 

‘Trump’s protectionist policies could have a cascading effect on world economy’

In this interview with The Hindu, former Irish Prime Minister John Gerard Bruton, who played a key role in drawing up the Good Friday Agreement, discusses the political impact of Brexit and Trump’s election.

‘We matched Madhuri’s steps as kids’

Meet the Pink Divas, a gender-bending group that have been performing at the Bangalore Queer Film Festival since 2015.

A storyteller of ancient healing

When Annamma Spudich gave up a distinguished career in molecular biology to follow the spice trail, she was picking up on scents redolent of her childhood in Kerala. Ever since, she has amassed a treasure trove of information on India’s traditional medicinal system and maritime history. 

At Bishop Cotton, Jaya the class topper was also fast on the track

Teachers and former students paid tribute to one of Bishop Cotton Girls’ most illustrious students, the late former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J. Jayalalitha, and lauded her rise in the male-dominated field of politics at a time when feminism wasn’t all the rage.

Alice Gorman, Space Archaeologist

I had the opportunity to interview Alice Gorman, professor with the Department of Archaeology at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, who uses images and data from ongoing space missions to study the impact of human beings on planets and satellites.