Feature Articles

Under Bengaluru’s Trees

Did you know the tamarind tree came from Ethiopia two thousand years ago? Or that the vast majority of Bengaluru’s avenue trees are native to South America? A walk under Bengaluru’s trees reveals their historical journeys from around the world.

A silicon tide lifts many boats

Learning computers changes mindsets, as the young in this slum near a Bengaluru IT hub show in building a better life

When the eyes see more than there is

Hallucinations are among the possible side effects caused by medications for Parkinson’s disease.

How can we get school dropouts to go back to school

A number of socio-economic factors keep children out of school. Based on volunteering work done for Child Rights and You.

An education lost, a livelihood gained?

In poorer neighbourhoods of Bengaluru, young girls who drop out of school are often under pressure to get a job or get married.