Blue Whale Challenge: a cry for help

In deep alleys of the Web, users from around the world are trying to get on a game. After reports of a Mumbai lad who committed suicide recently, allegedly due to the Blue Whale challenge, the number of Indians trying to gain access to the game is growing exponentially. Some of the messages posted onContinue reading “Blue Whale Challenge: a cry for help”

When the eyes see more than there is

Sixty-five-year-old Srinivas K.* has been experiencing distressing side effects from his Parkinson’s disease medication. Sometimes, he walks into an empty room and imagines it filled with people. Other times, he says, he ‘sees’ snakes or raindrops. “One time, I looked out of the window and saw it pouring, but when I stepped outside, there wasn’tContinue reading “When the eyes see more than there is”

Heart failure patients in India have higher mortality rate post-diagnosis, says Lancet study

Indians have one of the highest rates of mortality after diagnosis of heart failure, greater than that of people in several developing countries in the world, according to a study published in the The Lancet Global Health. The study, published on May 2, has found that heart failure patients in India had one of the highestContinue reading “Heart failure patients in India have higher mortality rate post-diagnosis, says Lancet study”

Health alert: ‘20.7% of Bengaluru children overweight or obese’

The hours spent cooped up in classrooms and in front of electronic gadgets was bound to have an effect: A cross-sectional screening of nearly one lakh children across schools in Bengaluru has shown that almost 20.7% were either overweight or obese, and 13.3% at risk of developing lifestyle diseases in adulthood. The results of theContinue reading “Health alert: ‘20.7% of Bengaluru children overweight or obese’”

At this ICU, seven nurses look after 45 newborns

The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the government-run Vani Vilas Hospital that handles extremely premature babies and babies with congenital birth defect — which require round-the-clock care — has a severe shortage of nurses.

Study shows lifestyle diseases on rise in low-income families

Yasmin (45), who lives in a crowded colony in Kadugondanahalli (K.G. Halli), had to have her leg amputated due to uncontrolled diabetes. The reason: she was not regular with medicines for years due to ignorance about the possible complications that could arise. Her neighbour Husseinbi (60) has been suffering from hypertension for 12 years. SheContinue reading “Study shows lifestyle diseases on rise in low-income families”

More cases of perinatal depression emerging in India

On Mother’s Day, mothers around the world wake up to special treats and lovingly-made gifts. Women are often told that being a mother is one of the greatest joys in life. But what if the arrival of a baby signals the onset of unrealistic expectations, worry and anxiety? Sadhana*, a young mother, remembers feeling anxiousContinue reading “More cases of perinatal depression emerging in India”