‘We matched Madhuri’s steps when we were kids’

It’s a scene that unfolds at every party, event or marriage: the songs are raging item numbers of the moment, the moves are familiar and so are the costumes. But this is not your average dance troupe swaying to Banno Tera Swagger . Meet the Pink Divas, a gender-bending group that will perform at the Bangalore Queer Film Festival, to be held in the city from Thursday … Continue reading ‘We matched Madhuri’s steps when we were kids’

Blue Whale Challenge: a cry for help

In deep alleys of the Web and on popular social media sites, users from around the world are trying to get on a game. After reports of a Mumbai lad who committed suicide recently, allegedly due to the Blue Whale challenge, the number of Indians trying to get on is growing exponentially. Some of the messages, posted on vk.com, a social networking website based out … Continue reading Blue Whale Challenge: a cry for help

Parasports: going beyond limitations

Until Roger Bannister ran a mile under a minute in 1954, it was thought impossible for humans to run that fast. Today most international runners can meet the target. If sport is about overcoming limitations, para athletes are some of the greatest mindbenders: for instance, how does a knee amputee play badminton, or a visually impaired person remember all the game positions in chess? ASTHA, … Continue reading Parasports: going beyond limitations

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Under Bengaluru’s trees

Did you know the tamarind tree came from Ethiopia two thousand years ago? Or that the vast majority of Bengaluru’s avenue trees are native to South America? In fact, so many commonly-used plants have come from that continent, the famous botanist and Kannada writer B.G.L. Swamy wrote a book called Namme Hotteyalli South America (South America in our stomach). If you’ve ever stopped in the middle … Continue reading Under Bengaluru’s trees

The Booksellers of Bangalore – 2

Back again with more haunts for those of you who get high on the scent of books: 1. Goobe’s Book Republic: A short walk down from K.C. Das Sweets on Church Street, you can spot an intriguing sign on the pavement: Haha. Cracks me up everytime. Goobe’s is cool: a funky little store in the basement, with quotes on reading pasted at random places. The wall rack when you … Continue reading The Booksellers of Bangalore – 2

A cup of tea, all nice and buttery

Somehow salty tea always reminds me of this saccharine sweet, a-tad-too-sentimental SMS forward: a guy takes a pretty girl on a date and he is so nervous he asks the waiter for salt in his coffee. When she looks askance, he says it reminds him of the saltiness in the sea near his childhood home. The girl is quite touched to hear about his sensitive … Continue reading A cup of tea, all nice and buttery