A cup of tea, all nice and buttery

Somehow salty tea always reminds me of this saccharine sweet, a-tad-too-sentimental SMS forward: a guy takes a pretty girl on a date and he is so nervous he asks the waiter for salt in his coffee. When she looks askance, he says it reminds him of the saltiness in the sea near his childhood home.Continue reading “A cup of tea, all nice and buttery”

Child abuse: Starting a conversation

We got cable TV when I was around nine. Suddenly, SONY and StarPlus were being aired right to our homes, and with that, the 4 to 6 p.m. slot was booked for a bunch of American sit-coms from the ’80s: Small Wonder, Bewitched, Silver Spoons and Diff’rent Strokes. Even if the story line was flimsyContinue reading “Child abuse: Starting a conversation”

A morning at the terrace

“What makes you truly happy?” Somebody posed this question to me once. It’s a question we should all have an answer to, a Happy Place where life seems a little easier. Eventually I decided on this: “The smell of earth after the first showers… and watching the sunrise from the terrace.” Well, there are monthsContinue reading “A morning at the terrace”

The Booksellers of Brigade Road

Bangalore is no Dilli when it comes to old books. You don’t find hawkers selling yellowed paperbacks outside every gully and metro station. (Which is hardly a big deal, considering techno-wallon ka sheher has exactly six stations at the moment. :P) You’d be hard put to find something like the Daryaganj Sunday Book market here.Continue reading “The Booksellers of Brigade Road”

The “other” Nobel Prize contender

The Indian press heaved a collective sigh of regret when Malala Yousafzai did not win the Nobel Prize for Peace. Every newspaper and TV channel loves a good story, and Malala’s offered everything. A courageous girl ready to fight to death for her right to education, and a chance to gloat over Pakistan’s abysmal humanContinue reading “The “other” Nobel Prize contender”

BLF-2013: A balmy afternoon and some book-time

Why do people visit lit fests? That was the question in my head as I stepped into the spacious lawns at Crowne Plaza, where the Bangalore Literature Festival 2013 was on in full swing. I walked into Mysore Park (Stage 1) in time to hear the moderator accusing William Dalrymple of being elitist. (Wonder how thatContinue reading “BLF-2013: A balmy afternoon and some book-time”