Things are just things

So this is what comes of having too much stuff. We had a rat in our house some weeks ago, and got rid of it only after discovering it had destroyed much of my roommate’s luggage, which had been kept in the store room. I did a cursory check of my bags, decided they looked ok, and left it at that.

But today I found that a lot of stuff had gone: the sari I wore for my convocation. Shirts for my brother and Dad. A salwar kameez that was a birthday gift from college friends. Everything had holes nibbled in them, and newspaper scraps and tea leaves (!!) strewn among the lot. (Lesson learnt: never keep extra Lipton tea bags among clothes.)  Somehow the rat had figured out everything that was new/gifted/meant-as-a-gift, and ripped it to pieces.

Mom says rats are Ganapathi’s vaahanam and I should go pray at a temple. No clue how that’s going to help, but yeah.. mothers are like that.

I’m not really sad. Things are just things. And at least I didn’t lose anything extremely valuable, like documents or marksheets. I couldn’t do much, except wonder how to salvage what was left. The sari looks like it might be fixed with some cutting and darning and trips to the tailor. As for the shirts, maybe I should try this:

Either that, or I could make lots and lots of handkerchiefs. Hmm… any cute kids to dress up in the vicinity? 🙂

One thought on “Things are just things

  1. hahaha.. good.. I mean I had a laugh riot reading.. thats the thing with personal experiences; if one is able to think from third man’s perspective, its helluva fun! N I suppose thats what entire creation was about; Gods needed some entertainment! 😛

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