Coming soon: mobile phones with pollution sensors

IISc. team develops highly sensitive low-cost CO sensor How cool would it be to have a mobile phone equipped with a pollution sensor? This could one day become a reality with researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc.) developing a highly sensitive low-cost sensor to detect carbon monoxide levels, small enough to fit into a mobile phone. While conventional sensors are made through lithography … Continue reading Coming soon: mobile phones with pollution sensors

Innovations galore at IISc design fest

From a flight simulator controlled by eye gaze to a device to help one-handed women to put on sanitary napkins on their own, the annual design festival of the Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM), Indian Institute of Science, began on Friday by showcasing simple, elegant solutions to societal problems. The students who presented their work at the event — Ripples 2017 — are … Continue reading Innovations galore at IISc design fest

The stealth superbug, decoded

A team of scientists in Bengaluru is behind the genome sequencing of Candida auris, a fungus that has caused disease outbreaks in five continents this year On November 4, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a leading public health institute in Atlanta, U.S., reported 13 cases of infection by the deadly fungus Candida auris in several parts of the country. Apart from the U.S., outbreaks have … Continue reading The stealth superbug, decoded