A little whimsy

I sat there, forcing myself into that uncomfortable space.  Putting my phone away, feeling that “incredible loneliness”, as Louis put it. Listening, really listening, to my despair.

That Crillon cake was perfect. And the tea too. It’s good to be able to feel it; that aloneness. You can almost hear them, those unhappy thoughts, wailing as they crawl inside. And all those shiny happy faces… are they looking at you, wondering what you’re doing? No, they’re living out their lives, just as you are. You’re the stranger in the window they see for a fleeting second.

A moment of sonder strikes you. You leave a note for the stranger who will take your seat. “To the person who sits here next: have a wonderful day.”

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Winter Sun

It was cold. The sun a mere disk Of iridescent white; a moon against the morning sky No clouds. A funereal shroud Thrown afar, rooftop to rooftop Pigeons roosting on the satellite dishes Taking flight, twirling and swirling Crazed and confused. Eagles soaring; smooth and powerful, their outstretched wings Cutting clean the frigid air Knowing, with no sun; where to go. The pigeons don’t. They … Continue reading Winter Sun