With sumps contaminated, residents scrounge for water

With sumps in houses getting contaminated for the second consecutive day, sourcing clean water has become a major worry for residents in areas that were inundated over the last couple of days.

Close to 300 residents in Koramangala 4th Block are facing problems sourcing water after the sumps got contaminated twice in as many days. “Our major worry is where to get water from. On Friday evening, we cleaned the sump as it was contaminated with sewage. On Saturday, contaminated water flooded the sump again,” said Satyanath, who moved to Koramangala 40 years ago. Other residents said that they have not received any water supply and are relying on bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes. For the residents of an apartment in Gottigere, who were unable to step out of their homes on Friday, sewage has been entering both the sump and borewell for the past three to four days. “Without electricity, we can’t even drain the water. We have been buying 20-litre cans just for drinking,” said Nikhil V. They have no water for anything but the most basic needs. In Anugraha Layout, sumps have been contaminated in 20 houses and residents have had to depend on bottled water.

Under dripping tarpaulin

For the 20-odd families who were evicted from the EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) Colony in Ejipura four years ago and shifted to tarpaulin tents on the adjoining pavement, there is no option of moving elsewhere. With heavy rain pounding the city, many of the tarpaulin covers have torn and residents have been been struggling to keep their belongings safe.


(Originally published in The Hindu)


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